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How to Understand Your Target Audience?

Connecting with your audience is one of the most important aspects of driving sales for your company.

Understanding your target audience

When you understand your audience, you can cater and appeal to their needs, which makes satisfied customers.

On this page, we’ll talk about why you need to understand your audience and how you can cater to their needs.

Why do I need to understand everything about my audience?

All of this work might sound tedious, but it’s the foundation of any marketing strategy.

You can create content that appeals to your audience specifically, instead of a large, general group.

Understanding your audience makes content creation a lot easier.

For example, if you sell vacuums and Google Analytics shows that the demographic for your product is primarily women aged 20 to 40, you might choose to write content that explains why your product is great for apartments, addressing 20-somethings, or how quickly it can pick up dry messes left behind by kids, catered toward 40-something mothers.

When Google ranks your website, they do so by determining how useful and relevant your content is to your audience, so it’s important that you create content with that in mind. Additionally, writing content that relates emotionally with your audience, makes them much more likely to connect and respond to your brand.

Increased conversions

In order to increase conversions, you can’t just write great content. There are a lot of other strategies that will increase your conversion rate.

You can optimize your conversion rate on your website using heat map tests or A/B tests, which allow you to test different elements on the page to see which version converts better.

Not only can you use A/B tests for on-page elements, but you can also test the way you price your packages, and how you convey your services. This ensures that visitors understand what you have to offer and exactly how much they’ll be paying.

Understanding your audience

To understand your audience, you have to ask yourself a few questions:

Is that my intended audience?

Sometimes, businesses have one idea about their audience, but it can be completely different from who actually buys the product.

First, address your intended audience. For example, if you manufacture push lawnmowers, your first thought might be that you are creating a product for homeowners.

Before you take your assumptions too far, though, you’ll have to ask analytics who you’re creating your product for.

Who is buying my product?

If you’re going to understand your audience, you first have to understand your product.

You should first ask yourself who your product is made for – in other words, is it something super specific that only certain customers will find useful?

For example, if you produce dance studio flooring that is durable enough for tap shoes, you produce a super specific product that you would only market to dance studio owners.

On the other hand, if you produce laminate flooring that is often used in homes, your product is less specific, meaning you can market to homeowners, businesses, and more.

By taking a deeper look into your company’s product, you’ll discover your perfect audience, which will make the next questions easier to answer.

What does analytics tell me about my audience?

If you sell online, use a platform like Google Analytics to gain insight into who is actually looking at and buying your products.

You may be surprised to find that who you thought was buying your product isn’t the only demographic. A lawnmower that you marketed to homeowners may also be popular among landlords, landscapers, and even corporate groundskeepers.

What are the details of my audience?

After you take a look at Google Analytics, you’ll be able to see the demographics of your audience.

This information will show you the age and gender of your audience, but also their interests. Google looks at users’ online buying habits and is able to create data based on the information.

When you know the details of your audience, it allows you to specifically target them, which means you’re marketing to your most qualified potential customers.

It’s important to consider these questions together because it offers insight into who you may have been marketing to in the past, and who you should marketing to in the present.

Do you need help understanding or marketing to your audience?

At Elev 8 Valley, we know the importance of understanding your audience. We’ll help to inform you on who’s looking at your products and who’s converting. We’ll also create content that best appeals to your target market.

Contact us today for more information!

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